Find Out How To Comparison Shop For Car Insurance

Car insurance is something we all need but it is probably not the kind of thing that we think of to shop around, like a stereo or new TV. But this is something that we all should do every now and then, like every couple of years, instead of just assuming that we are getting […]

Car Insurance – Inflated Quotes Costs Consumers Millions Yearly

Even though lower car insurance quotes are occurring through competition from warring insurance companies vying for new business, as well as increasing online quote houses, millions of consumers are still paying dramatically more for their car insurance than they have to, to the tune of millions every year, and hundreds of dollars per household. Online […]

Car Insurance. Uninsured Drivers Bane Of The Roads

The statistics relating to uninsured drivers in the UK are very worrying indeed. It looks like as many as one in 20 drivers don’t have valid insurance, each one of those drivers causing an accident, on average, every 6 months. They are also 10 times more likely to be driving while under the influence of […]

Buying Car Insurance? Shop For Best Car Insurance Quotes And Save Money

The right kind of car insurance will take care of all the expenses that you might incur in an accident or major breakdown situation involving your car. Considering its importance, you absolutely need to make sure that you select the best insurance plan for your car so that you get the optimum financial support in […]

Car Insurance Premiums May Soon Come Down

Recent estimates have stated that each time 1 gets paid out in compensation for personal injury claims, the legal profession gets 40p of it. Amazingly, the legal costs have increased so extravagantly that the British legal profession now receive 2 billion a year through the lengthy legal battles relating to personal injury claims. Personal injury […]